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Talks, Presentations, Sermons

Audio-Recorded Presentations  from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Urbana Conferences

Recommended Reading

Highly recommended books tackling the topics of Christian faith and creation care: Bible, Seth and Liederbach, Mark (2012) True North:...

Book Discussion Guides

Our Father’s World Intro and Chapter Discussion Questions When Heaven and Nature Sing “Where to Begin” worksheet

For Campus Faculty, Pastors, and Ministry Leaders in Madison

Below is an expanded version of the printed handout that attendees received at the Dr. Hayhoe luncheon in Madison, WI....

All Things

Loving our neighbor means caring for creation.

Enjoy this short video from InterVarsity’s 2100 Productions!

Katharine Hayhoe: Facts, Fiction, and our Faith

In November 2015, world-renowned climatologist and evangelical Christian Dr. Katharine Hayhoe spoke with ministry leaders in Madison, Wisconsin on the topic of “Fact, Fiction, and our Faith.”  This presentation is helpful to anyone currently serving in a ministry setting who wonders “what about climate change?”

Care of Creation Kenya: Why Christians Should Care for God's Creation

Craig Sorley, Director of Care of Creation Kenya and 2008 TIME Magazine “Heroes of the Environment” honoree, shares specific examples from the environmental disasters in Kenya as he and the ministry work to restore creation and people through this six-part sermon series.

Evangelical Statements on Creation Care

National Association of Evangelicals

Caring for God’s Creation: A Call to Action (2015)

The biblical mandate to care for God’s earth and the people who depend upon it is clear. In 1970 the NAE declared that “those who thoughtlessly destroy a God-ordained balance of nature are guilty of sin against God’s creation.”[1] In 2004 we affirmed that “government has an obligation to protect its citizens from the effects of environmental degradation. This involves the urgent need to relieve human suffering caused by bad environmental practice.”[2] Continue reading

Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative

A Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change (2011)

We recognize that God’s great blessings on our denomination bestow upon us a great responsibility to offer a biblically-based, moral witness that can help shape individual behavior, private sector behavior and public policy. Conversations like this one demand our voice in order to fulfill our calling to engage the culture as a relevant body of believers.   Continue reading

Evangelical Climate initiative

Christians and Climate: An Evangelical Call to Action (2006)

As American evangelical Christian leaders, we recognize both our opportunity and our responsibility to offer a biblically based moral witness that can help shape public policy in the most powerful nation on earth, and therefore contribute to the well-being of the entire world.1 Whether we will enter the public square and offer our witness there is no longer an open question. We are in that square, and we will not withdraw. Continue reading

Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network

The Jamaica Call to Action (2012)

We were a gathering of theologians, church leaders, scientists and creation care practitioners, fifty-seven men and women from twenty-six countries from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, North America and Europe. We met under the auspices of the Lausanne Movement in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance… Many biblical passages, including reflections on Genesis 1 – 3, Psalm 8 and Romans 8, informed our prayers, discussions and deliberations on the themes of God’s World, God’s Word and God’s Work. Continue Reading



We are glad to work alongside these organizations, and we recommend them as valuable resources:


Great resources!

Our Father’s World 10th Anniversary Edition

"...Among the most readable and practical books on the subject" -- Jonathan Moo, Associate Professor of New Testament and Environmental Studies, Whitworth University "Our Father's World reminds us that the Church is empowered to change our world and what the Church does (or does not do) to care for creation will be tremendously significant." -- Deborah Fikes, Director of Public Engagement, World Evangelical Alliance

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Creation Care and the Gospel

How should Christians react to environmental crisis? Historically, evangelicals have ignored this aspect of living for Christ, so this book aims to reinvigorate and empower Christians across the globe to care for creation.  

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Environmental Missions

Lowell Bliss was a traditional church planting missionary in India when his best Hindu friend there died of malaria. This was just one of the events that led him to reexamine the politically charged term “environment,” understanding it now as simply “that which surrounds those we love, those for whom Jesus died.” In other words, the church is called to reach not only vulnerable people but the space in which they live and breathe.  

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Farming That Brings Glory to God

By Craig Sorley, founding Director of Care of Creation, Kenya.  With chronic hunger affecting millions, the world today needs to completely rethink its relationship to both agriculture and the environment.  

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