Bring Care of Creation to your church, student group, or school

Speaking Engagements and the Our Father's World Seminar

We are available to mission groups, churches and other organizations for consultation on the Biblical basis for creation care, and on how to incorporate creation-care emphases as part of a balanced and long-term mission strategy.  We also offer a weekend intensive called the Our Father’s World seminar (more details below).

Consider inviting us to…

  • Present a seminar at your next missions conference.  We have done so for InterVarsity’s Urbana Missions Conference since 2006.
  • Church staff in-service training on mobilizing your church for creation care
  • Leadership seminars on the effect of the environmental crisis on mission efforts around the world
  • Our Father’s World mini-seminars for Sunday School groups (one to three hours)
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Our Father’s World Seminar

“If it’s really God’s world, shouldn’t we be taking care of it?”

A significant number of people in the church are starting to ask what the Bible has to say about environmental crises, and whether we, God’s people, shouldn’t be involved in caring for his creation. The Our Father’s World seminar is a weekend event designed to answer some of those questions, and to help people figure out why and how they can begin to respond to the assaults on God’s creation in meaningful and biblical ways.  You will want to bring this seminar to your church!  But what does it take?

#1: A Church

Ideally, the host church is able and willing to invite members of other churches in the area so the event reaches members of the community as well. Your pastor or church leaders need to be fully aware of the content of the seminar and committed to giving adequate publicity to the event in church newsletters, on your church website, and in worship services for at least three weeks before the event.

#2: A college campus

We have found that the mix of students and laypeople that will attend a seminar when it is hosted near a college campus makes for a very lively and successful experience. It doesn’t have to be a Christian college – if you have a campus with Christian student groups active, you will find them very interested in a seminar like this one. We can work out scholarships to make it possible for students to attend at a reduced rate.

#3: a weekend

At least 3 months from now, so you have enough time to plan and publicize the event. The seminar can be presented on one Saturday, or on a Friday evening/Saturday morning or in a variety of other formats. There aren’t very many seminar slots available in a given year because Ed Brown presents each of these in person, and is unable to do more than 2 in any one month. So we suggest you contact us soon if you have a date in mind.

#4: a person

Better, two or three people who will be able to work with Care of Creation and your church staff to plan and publicize the Seminar in your area. It won’t take a lot of time – but it does require enthusiasm! If you care about the topic – caring for God’s world – you can do this.

Ready to host a seminar, or invite Care of Creation to speak at your event?