Strengthen, Increase, and Expand: the Keystone Fund
our major fundraising campaign


keystone species is one that holds a unique position in an ecosystem, making it possible for many other members of that system to flourish; think wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park.

In less than 10 years, Care of Creation has become a keystone species for the global creation care movement.  

 We haven’t done any of this by ourselves, and we give full credit to those many organizations and people who have been working hard around the world for creation care. Our partners have included A Rocha International (and many local A Rocha chapters), TEAR Fund, the Evangelical Environmental Network, YECA, Climate Stewards, Climate Caretakers, Eden Vigil and a host of others. In these years, the creation care movement has become a genuine family.

We are looking for

200 people*

to pledge $1,000 per year

for 5 years

*$1,000 per year represents a normal ‘share’ in the Keystone Fund. If you would like to participate at a lower level, we have the option of half- and quarter-shares: $500 and $250 annual pledges. Or contact us for other options at info(at)

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